The World Cup 2022 Contest is an application where you can win important prizes by predicting the results of the World Cup 2022 matches. You can place your bets on all matches in the World Cup. You will compete against other people.

Step 1 Sign up
Step 2 Pay buy in
Step 3 Predict final scores
Step 4 Win!

First step: register

In order to participate in the World Cup 2022 contest you need to register.

Registering is really easy, by pressing the Sign up now! button. You must fill in the registration form, providing your name, email, username, and country. You should use the same email you use on the payment method you will use in order to make easily link your payment with your account.

As soon as you register you will receive an email with instructions to confirm your registration. You won't be able to login until you confirm your registration.

Second step: pay the buy in

In order to participate in the World Cup 2022 contest you must pay the USD 50 buy in. You can pay via Paypal. After confirming your registration contact us so that we will provide you the instructions. Be sure to pay using the same email you used to register to the contest. This way the Buy in will be associated to your account. Important: Prizes will be paid using the same methods and to the same email used by you to pay the buy in.

As soon as we receive your payment, your money will be added to the prize and you will be able to make your bets (predict correct scores).

Third step: place your bets

You must try to predict the correct score for all matches in the World Cup 2022 and you will get credits depending on your bets and the result of each match. Check the rules.

Last step: Win!

Let's see how well you did!

You can analyze your position in the ranking against other participants and what will be your prize.


Transparency is a key feature.

  • Number of participants and prize: Everybody can see at any time the number of users who have paid the buy in, and the total prize. This information is available even for non subscribers. Check: stats
  • Participants and ranking: Everybody can see at any time the list of all users who have paid the buy in, the current ranking and the prize for each participant. This information is available even for non subscribers. Check: ranking. No personal information is displayed. Just the username and country of participants. Information regarding this contest includes the paid buy in, position, credits awarded, current prize, and the date the participant confirmed his subscription.
  • Predictions privacy: Predictions are private. Only you can see your predictions while predictions for a match are still available. This means nobody can copy your predictions.
  • Predictions transparency: Predictions are public once a match does not allow more predictions. All participants can check predictions of other participants. This is only allowed for each match where prediction period has ended. This means every participant can check all predictions and control that rankings are accurate. Check: ranking (if you are a participant and are logged in, you will see a link to each participant's predictions)